Artist Statement

In my photography I show back offices and non-spaces behind the facades of the city centers. The city reminds me of an artificial brain that follows strict protocols of commerce, production and consumption. The seductive nature of city centers reminds me of theme parks, and this phenomenon fascinates me.

I perceive the city as a complex organism that consists of roads, sidewalks, bridges and tunnels. This organism is constantly build by humans, but never finished or complete. My work focuses on people whom build and maintain public space, like construction workers and street scavengers. A common similarity is often the safety uniform. My subjects are a familiar sight in the street, but their efforts remain invisible to the majority of people.

To preserve crowded city centers my subjects are essential. With my photography i aim to create an understanding of efforts that normally go unseen. This often results in the presentation of everyday duties in a somewhat contemplative way. There is always work, but the job is never really finished.